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Marketing Practices

Our Marketing Activities

To keep our business safe and sound, we reserve the right to promote our products and services through the means listed in this section. When you sign up, you give your agreement to receive some advertising materials, news, notifications, etc. from us and other authorized third parties associated with our business. To reach out to you and get you informed about these materials, we may use the following communications:

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In our Privacy Policy we state that we have the right right to share some of your personal details with authorized third parties. That means our partners may also send you their promotional materials using all the contacts you’ve provided us with.

When you access for the first time, you admit that you’ve given your content to our marketing practices and that you agree to receive such kind of messages from us and our third-party partners.

We care for well-being of our users and treat their personal space with respect. In case you’d like not to receive promotional messages from us, there is a special option for you to unsubscribe from us.

However, we need to state that we are not liable for the messages our partners may send you and that you need to reach out to them if you have any questions regarding their marketing practices. You will also have to contact them if you want to unsubscribe from them.

What Makes Us Different

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